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My name is Peter Tofts and I am the owner of Happy Memories Photography. When a client hires my services they are getting a lifetime of training and experience in wedding photography. I describe myself as a commercial wedding photographer. This means that I offer skills that go way beyond those of the traditional wedding photographer.

The typical wedding photographer will learn the skills of traditional photographer from a traditional photographer. There is nothing wrong with that because that is what most customers expect. However, to go beyond tradition and be able to offer modern styles of photography using advanced lighting methods and the artistic skill of post-production we can offer our customers much more.

I have studied lighting methods in detail for many years. During my years of training I have been mentored by leading photographers who charge thousands of pounds to offer the very same service that they have trained me to master. This has led to me being able to assist as part of a team that has been responsible for shooting million pound plus society weddings.

With modern cameras it is also possible to capture special moments on high definition video. During the photo sessions short videos are recorded and the mixed with photo stills and music is then added to make up a very moving slide show. My training and experience in videography allows me to offer this service.

I also offer an assisted service with a second shooter. This service allows me the time to get many more important shots when things are moving fast. For example, if I am following the bride into the church from bright light to low light I have to reset my camera to the lighting conditions. The second shooter is already inside and can shoot while I am resetting, plus we are getting shot from both the front and back of the event. The assistant also helps me with the lighting. By carrying a hand held soft light a much better quality of photograph can be produced.

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